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Food Review: Hai Di Lao Hotpot 海底捞火锅


Hello Food lovers,

Today I have another location of good food to share with all of you!!
Aren't you guys excited?! HAHA

So yesterday, Mr. Roar and I went for a walk before he starts school. And we came across this HotPot Restaurant in 313 Somerset, so we decided to give a try.

We were there at 6.30pm, and it is filled with people already.... How surprisingly. We got our number '133' and the ones on the screen is '60' Meaning, we have to wait at least another 2 hours.

So Mr. Roar and I decided to go for a walk around Somerset 313 before going back. But we are a little hungry, so we decided to walk till 7.30pm. And if it is still not our chance, we shall eat something else and head to other places.

I was TOO tired so decided to head back to the restaurant to wait as you can see, so many chairs and table and people.

After sitting down on the table, I very aunty-ily spotted the snack bar. So i decided to self-service. LOL..

TADA~~ So good! That is free flow of snacks while waiting. This explains why there is so many people out there. NOW WE KNOW!!

Mr. Roar while waiting for our turn.. 

We are very fortunate that one of the staff came to us and ask, do you mind taking 2 small pot? If you dont mind, there is a table for 2.
 OMG! For such a hungry Ms. Moo, why would she say NO?! 
So... we went in.

Because we order our food, something so heart-warming came.... HOT TOWELS!

When you are waiting there for god knows how long and suddenly someone give you HOT TOWELS, the feeling is just... awww.. so nice.. LOL..

This restaurant is one of the HIGH-TECH restaurant that I have been to for a Hotpot one. They use iPad to order their food.

So Mr. Roar and I order the soup base (This is the STEP 1 for all new comers) 

They have a wide range of soup base. But we just picked Chicken Soup & Plain Soup. I have to say that the Chicken Soup is very nice. The taste of it is really very refreshing.

They have 2 Fruits & Sauce Bar. Just by paying $3 per pax you can enjoy unlimited sauces and an additional of $4 per pax for the drinks. They have all sorts of sauces, i think the best is the Seafood sauce (海鲜酱)

Okay I am a little greedy, I like the peanut one as well, so i had both.. LOL

This is appetizer before the food is up.

So after checking, we order these:


As you can see, after bitting on it, the meat inside is still pink-ish. It is not because it is not properly cooked. But this is the colour of a fresh ingredient. We cook for more than 15 mins i assumed, confirm cooked alr!

Pork Sliced (黑猪肉)

Mr. Roar told me that you dont usually get this kind of pork slice from the black pig. No wonder it taste so good! The slice is so thin that you actually dip in for a while and come up, it cooked!


I personally dont like this because it has too many fats already! O.O HAHA

We also order the Handmade Noodles whereby they actually do it in front of you.

How cool is that? HAHA...

After our meal, we also have our fruits. The watermelon and the rock melon is super super super sweet. Awesome max..

After you tell them check bill, they even give you sweets and tooth-pick without you asking for it.

In Hai Di Lao, they even cater to children and the ladies. So they have play room for the kids when they are waiting or half-way through eating. They do have manicure room as well. But there is a long list of appointments, so it would be great if you could go early and make an appointment.

I didnt manage to do mine. But will definitely go for the FREE manicure one day.. MUHAHA..


Food: 5 out of 5
Service: 5 out of 5
Ambience: 4.8 out of 5

I am very satisfied with my experience in the Hai Di Lao Hotpot Restaurant.

1. The service is fantastic. 
When i was eating, the staff called me and told me to come back for my table. When i told them I have one table and I am eating already. Guess what they say? They say, So sorry to disturb your meal. Hope you have a good meal. Well, that is definitely not going to happen in other restaurants!
Also, when i leave the restaurant to go washroom, one of the waitress even ask me if i am going to the washroom and told me how to get there! Yes, NOT IN ANY OTHER RESTAURANTS!!

2. They cater to those who are waiting outside by preparing snacks.
I dont see that happening to other restaurants here. So this is a BIG THUMBS UP!

3. They even cater to children?!
I dont even see that at all! Maybe the malls, yes. But definitely not a restaurant.

4. The food is really UP THERE!
Yes, the ingredient is fresh and everything.

I think the only thing is that the price is a little to the expensive side. For the both of us, we spent 80+ that evening, which is around 40+ per pax. But i think it is worth it for the service and the good quality.

They have 2 branches in Singapore. One in Clarke Quay, another in 313 Somerset. Remember to make reservations before going!

Main Branch:
Address:2nd Floor, 3D Building, River valley Road, Clarke Quay,Singapore
Tel:+65 6337 8626/6337 8627

2nd Branch:
Hai Di Lao 313@Somerset
Level 4, 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road (Somerset MRT)
Tel: +65 68357227, 68357337


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